Four Years!

Four years ago BrightLine Group was launched with the prospect of making a difference. As experts in the energy efficiency industry, we came together with the aspiration of solving challenging market problems to ease climate change. That has not changed. Today we get to live out this dream with a growing team of dedicated,...

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Our Commitment

BrightLine Group is committed to equity and inclusion.  In light of recent events we are looking closely at how we can work harder to improve our knowledge and awareness, and better integrate social justice and racial equity into our work and personal lives. There are no easy answers, but we are striving to be...

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Announcing BrightLine Group

In celebration of Energy Efficiency Day and National Women’s Small Business Month, we are excited to announce the launch of BrightLine Group, a woman-owned collaborative of experts. After working together on a daily basis for almost a decade, we started BrightLine Group this summer with the aspiration of solving challenging market problems in the...

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