Whether your organization wants to be at the forefront of climate action, or to simply identify no-regrets steps to become a more climate-friendly operation, the BrightLine team can help. We bring community and program planning experience, as well as engineering and technical savvy, to help your organization chart a path forward.

COMPREHENSIVE PLANS AND LAND USE REGULATIONS. What guidelines and rules make sense for my community?

Brightline staff is experienced in drafting policy and regulatory language that reflects a community’s commitment and values while aligning with existing content and avoiding unintended consequences. Whether you’re looking to lay a policy foundation for climate action in your community’s comprehensive plan, or to refresh your land use regulations to better accommodate renewable energy and EV charging infrastructure, we will work with your team to facilitate a collaborative process that identifies and integrates best-fit solutions.

SUSTAINABILITY STRATEGIC PLANS. What should we aim for and how do we get there from here?

BrightLine will partner with your organization to develop objectives and practical strategies and to draft or update a plan that is grounded in best practices and tailored to your organization’s goals and budget. Our knowledge of proven strategies for integrating energy efficiency and renewable energy, combined with our community and strategic planning skills enable us to efficiently identify deep opportunities to reduce your carbon footprint and a clear path for getting there. We will work collaboratively with stakeholders to determine your resource needs and opportunities and assemble the right team of experts to help you achieve your goals.
PROGRAM DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION. How do we set up a program to make it all happen?
The BrightLine team has decades of experience in program design, implementation, and evaluation. We can help your organization translate plans into effective action, and to identify and implement continuous improvements.

CLIMATE ACTION: Achieve rapid and deep greenhouse gas emission reductions and strengthen resilience and adaptive capacity to withstand climate-induced impacts.

SUSTAINABILITY: The use, development, and protection of resources in a way that enables a community or organization to meet their needs and maintain a high quality of life without compromising the ability of future residents to do the same, and while ensuring protection and enhancement of naturally occurring ecosystems and their native species populations.

SUSTAINABILITY TECHNICAL SERVICES. How can I implement improvements?
Maybe you already have a sustainability plan in place, or your organization’s sustainability goals are clear, but you need help working through specific technical issues to move forward (e.g., greenhouse gas inventories, water inventories, or evaluating equipment upgrades). Our consulting experts help clients take stock of their environmental footprint and how best to improve it. We will work with you to map out broad macro impacts and strategies for reduction or can focus on equipment-level impacts and identify opportunities for efficiency improvements. We will help you incorporate these efforts into your overall sustainability strategy.
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