All too often, program evaluations become a collection of nit-picky criticisms. We believe evaluations should focus on highlighting and building on the existing successes of a program, with the goal of furthering effectiveness and efficiency. Experience has shown us that the bright-line rule for evaluations is reliability, collaboration, and clarity.

IMPACT ANALYSIS. How much are we really changing customers’ energy use?

BrightLine Group’s accomplished engineers and data scientists provide insights into program-driven energy savings. We understand how to align the analysis method with the customer action to quantify program impact.

PROCESS IMPROVEMENT. How do we connect customers and utilities in a changing market?

Our collaborative team strives to improve all of our clients’ program activities for the best customer experience. We find value in fast feedback evaluation methods so programs can effectively evolve in an ever-changing market.

ATTRIBUTION. How can we tell if a program is responsible for customers taking action?

Some customers will take energy efficiency actions on their own. Our experts use best-practice approaches to understand who really influenced the change and why.

MARKET RESEARCH. How do I align programs in a changing market to address customer needs?

We help our clients define research priorities and select the most relevant research methods to provide a clear direction forward.


MEASUREMENT & VERIFICATION. How do we know the energy savings are real?

Customer programs are expensive. How can we decide when, where, and how much to measure? Our M&V engineering expertise helps our clients assess how much energy customers are using and saving.

TECHNICAL REFERENCE MANUALS. Why can’t we make estimating savings easy, simple, and transparent?

TRMs can be a bright line for many stakeholders seeking certainty in energy benefits from customer programs. We understand the benefits of transparency and clarity when creating, updating, and using TRMs.

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