Ready..set…go! Now there is a plan with defined objectives, the next step is to take action. The BrightLine Group partners with our clients to manage programs and identify opportunities for improving performance, with the objective of a smarter and more sustainable future.

PROGRAM MANAGEMENT. How do we manage programs to achieve effective outcomes?

Effective management of market actors and expectations is key to customer program success. We provide proven and dedicated leadership that aligns program activities to defined objectives. Clear and honest communication with clients is one of our intrinsic values.

MEASUREMENT & VERIFICATION. How much energy are we saving?

Quantifying energy efficiency can be very expensive. Deciding when, where, and how much to measure can be complex. We apply our over 50 years of cumulative experience and in-depth industry understanding to design M&V strategies. Our engineering expertise gives our clients confidence that our results are accurate and defensible.

EMERGING TECHNOLOGY ASSESSMENT. As new solutions continue to evolve, what should I do next?

BrightLine’s team of experts is comfortable digging into the details behind emerging technologies. Our expertise provides clients with a clear direction forward that balances current market limitation, cost-effectiveness, and expected market potential.

SUSTAINABILITY CONSULTING. What is my carbon footprint and how can I improve it?

Our consulting experts help clients take stock of their environmental footprint and how to implement a sustainable plan to go forward. We share your passion for a healthier environment. 

ENERGY AUDITS. What energy savings opportunities  exist in customer homes and facilities?

Identifying energy savings opportunities requires experienced building engineers who understand equipment optimization and replacement principles, along with opportunities for behavioral changes that cost-effectively benefit customers. Our building scientists have gathered real-world experience by auditing hundreds of facilities across the US.

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