Celebrating Five Years at BrightLine

Five years ago we launched BrightLine Group. We chose the name—a nod to the bright-line rule, which uses a clear and objective standard for the purpose of predictably superior and consistent results—because we like clarity and accuracy. We chose our tagline, “a clear direction forward,” because we appreciate forward momentum. As in, let’s tackle this climate change situation with purpose and aspire to make the environment more sustainable for future generations.

And, while we’ve maintained that forward direction, it hasn’t been without a few twists and bumps along the way. (Really, what good startup story doesn’t have a few potholes to contend with?) In our second year as a company, we—like virtually all other business owners around the world—faced the unprecedented challenges of operating in a pandemic and navigating new regulations and expectations and unknowns. We quickly learned how resilient and nimble we needed to be. We saw how well we could adapt. We found new opportunities in familiarities.

Our core values have provided guiderails on this journey; and, over the years, we have evaluated and reevaluated, learning how and when to course correct. There’s a theme across our set of values: authenticity, genuineness, truth, commitment to clients and working for the right reasons. These tenets are our true north and consistently help guide us forward. Staying true to our roots, as a women-owned and women-led business, we foster opportunities for women and other underrepresented individuals in our industry.

The best part of growing our company has been the ability to make our own decisions (the easy and the difficult—we own them all) and work with the people whom we want to work with (we truly have amazing clients and partners!). As we’ve built up our project load, we’ve expanded our team and now have 12 positions at BrightLine filled with bright, caring and diligent employees. Job satisfaction is integral to our business approach, and ensuring we all strike a healthy balance between work and life is a key ingredient in our culture. We believe individual success leads to company success…which leads to client and partner success. Today we find ourselves in a special place with a core team based in downtown Boulder, where the three of us first met and started working together fifteen years ago.

So, if we were to use the bright-line rule to reflect on these five initial years, you could say we are proud of our “superior and consistent” results, which is exactly what we set out to do. We continue to be excited about the future and the work we’re doing to fight the negative effects of climate change. And we are most appreciative for all the support along the way.

Cheers and with gratitude,

Lynn, Mary-Hall and Patrick
BrightLine Group Co-founders

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