Announcing BrightLine Group

In celebration of Energy Efficiency Day and National Women’s Small Business Month, we are excited to announce the launch of BrightLine Group, a woman-owned collaborative of experts.

After working together on a daily basis for almost a decade, we started BrightLine Group this summer with the aspiration of solving challenging market problems in the energy efficiency industry. Markets are quickly shifting, but we believe that some core fundamentals of business remain unchanged: quality service and faith in good people. We emphasize personal balance and growth in all of our relationships with the aim of delivering a more positive and sustainable environment for future generations. Our ambition is reflected in our name..a Bright-Line Rule is defined as “A clear and objective standard, with the purpose of producing predictably superior and consistent results.”

We bring a positive and collaborative spirit along with a dedicated work ethic to provide technical solutions and a clear direction forward for our clients. Located in Colorado and Mississippi, BrightLine Group looks forward to building new relationships and strengthening those we already have.


Lynn, Mary-Hall, Patrick, and Wyley

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