Markets for customer programs, energy efficiency, demand response, renewable energy, and distributed-energy resources are currently in a disruptive environment. Costs, adoption, and priorities are changing quickly. Our organization is nimble and structured to excel in this environment of change. We believe our hands-on approach provides our clients with unique value.

After working together on a daily basis for almost a decade, we started BrightLine in the summer of 2018 with the aspiration of solving challenging market problems. In addition to our passion for our work, we value our clients as people and colleagues. We emphasize personal balance and growth in all of our relationships, with the aim of delivering a more positive and sustainable environment for future generations.


Markets are quickly shifting, but we believe that some core fundamentals of business remain unchanged: quality service and faith in good people. We are dedicated to meeting our clients’ needs with best-in-industry expertise, hands-on dedication, reliable and efficient project management, and clear communication. We approach our projects with a holistic perspective, keeping the key outcomes for each project in focus from the earliest developmental stages. Our collective experience is both broad and deep, exceeding more than 50 years in the energy-efficiency and demand-side management industry, including all phases of the project cycle from planning to implementation to evaluation.

brightline (brīt-ˌlīn) adj.

A clear and objective standard, with the purpose of producing predictably superior and consistent results.


  • Engage in our ideal work – do work for the right reasons.
  • Bring genuineness to all we do – be our honest, transparent, authentic selves with our clients, team members, and community. Take responsibility for our actions and the environment.
  • Foster our authentic work setting – create a trusting, fun, collaborative, and respectful work environment where team success and work life balance are priorities. Ensure team members feel a sense of belonging and are supported in their growth and development.  
  • Stay true to our roots – Being a women-owned and -led business, we are committed to the growth of women and other underrepresented individuals in our industry.  
  • Consistently demonstrate our commitment to clients – we promise a hands-on approach that allows us to listen, be responsive, and provide our clients with high quality work, dedicated service, and un-paralleled value. Through our best-in-industry expertise, we are dedicated to offering solutions without adding problems.


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