Four Years!

Four years ago BrightLine Group was launched with the prospect of making a difference. As experts in the energy efficiency industry, we came together with the aspiration of solving challenging market problems to ease climate change. That has not changed. Today we get to live out this dream with a growing team of dedicated, top-notch engineers and analysts and an expanding set of clients who inspire us to deliver. As we reflect on why BrightLine Group exists, it’s best summed up by our mission and values.

Mission: We empower clients with the knowledge to mitigate climate change so future generations can thrive in a clean, healthy environment.


  • Engage in our ideal work – do work for the right reasons.
  • Bring genuineness to all we do – be our honest, transparent, authentic selves with our clients, team members and community. Take responsibility for our actions and the environment.
  • Foster our authentic work setting – create a trusting, fun, collaborative and respectful work environment where team success and work life balance are priorities. Ensure team members feel a sense of belonging and are supported in their growth and development.
  • Stay true to our roots as a women owned and led business – Being a women owned and led business, we are committed to the growth of women and other underrepresented individuals in our industry.
  • Consistently demonstrate our commitment to clients – we promise a hands-on approach that allows us to listen, be responsive and provide our clients with high quality work, dedicated service, and un-paralleled value. Through our best-in-industry expertise, we are dedicated to offering solutions without adding problems.

We are grateful for the constellation of people who have supported us on this journey thus far and look forward to continuing our work for future generations.


Lynn, Mary-Hall and Patrick

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